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Written by: Ortega
Modified: apr 27, 2022

Live streaming is all the rage these days. When people want their friends and family members to see something they think is important, they live stream the event! Anything can be live streamed nowadays, from intimate celebrations to huge parties. Live streaming has become a powerful tool, so powerful, there’s been an increase in sites and apps that can host live content. At the top of that list would naturally be, the mother of them all… YouTube. Live streaming on YouTube is free, easy to do, plus it offers cute add-ons like YouTube emojis! 

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YouTube Emojis In Livestreams

YouTube emojis are a special collection of emojis that can ONLY be used in live streams. This is because transferring YouTube emojis outside of live chat turns them into text strings, rendering them useless. 

Once you get past all the restrictions, just like the one we stated above, you’ll soon discover how much fun it is to include emojis in your live streams. Emojis are the fastest, and easiest way to spice up digital conversations. 

They were created with the intention of allowing you to express yourself in any situation. Some of them are designed to demonstrate how happy you are. Others are designed to show that you are surprised by something, or that you are sad and want to do something different.

Travel vlogger shooting at an amusement park with emojis coming out of her camera

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YouTube Emojis Shortcodes

YouTube emojis are quite different from the usual emojis you normally see, like the 😅 Grinning Face With Sweat emoji etc. You can insert them during live streams, either choosing from the list, or typing their shortcodes.

As its name suggests, emoji shortcodes are codes used on different apps and websites to speed up the insertion of an emoji without the use of an emoji keyboard. They’re made of a condensed version of an emoji name, while beginning and ending with a colon.

Here’s the list of the most popular YouTube emoji shortcodes you may commonly encounter.


Awesome short code emoji


buffering short code emoji


gar youtube emoji


jakepeter youtube emoji

:oops :

Oops short code emoji


Orange green worm short code


red blue worm short code


red and yellow worm short code


You Tube short code emoji


YTG short code

YouTube Emojis (Covid-19 Edition)

When emojis were invented, they were primarily designed to reflect a person’s feelings. As the years went by, the current vocabulary set of emojis grew from simple plain emoticons, to how we see them today, colorful icons depicting various social and cultural issues, as well.

Last March 2020, emoji fans once again witnessed this when YouTube released a COVID-specific set of emojis.


chill cat youtube emoji


Chill Dog Short Code


Do The Five Short Code


Elbow Bump Short Code


Elbow Cough Short Code


Good Vibes Short Code


Hydrate Short Code


Learning Short Code


sanitizer short code


Shelter In short code


Social Distance short code


Stay Home short code


Take Out Short Code


Thanks Doc Short Code


Video Call Short Code


Virtual Hug Short Code


Wash Hands short code


You Got This Short Code


How To Use Emojis During YouTube Live Streams

If you’ve never used a YouTube emoji before, and you think you need a little more guidance, don’t you worry, we got you! Here’s a step-by-step guide to inserting emojis in YouTube live streams: 

1. To make them appear during a live stream session, all you need to do is go to the live stream chatbox of the YouTube channel you are viewing

2. Once you’re there, put your mouse above the smiley that’s located below the text bar. 

3. As you do that, the words, “Custom emojis” will pop up. 

4. Next, tap on the smiley again. Once you do so, it will change into a keyboard. 

5. As soon as it changes into a keyboard, rows of emojis will appear above it.

6. To insert the YouTube emojis in the chatbox, make your mouse hover over your chosen emoji, and then click on it. Your desired emoji will instantly appear on your text bar. 

7. For the final step, all you’ve got to do is press enter, and your chosen emoji will finally appear in the chatbox! 

emojis of different colors on a live stream

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Earlier, we talked about directly transferring emojis from live stream sessions to the YouTube comment box, and how it doesn’t work. 

Fortunately, there are other ways to turn the emoji into a YouTube comment emoji, and we’re about to show you how, with the use of Android emojis, Mac emojis, etc.


How To Insert Emojis In YouTube Comments

For Windows Users

Adding emojis to YouTube comments with Windows keyboard

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Follow the instructions below to learn how to add emojis in a YouTube comment on Windows. 

1. If you’re using Windows 10, there’s a keyboard shortcut to access the emojis. All you have to do is press Windows + ; or Windows + . to open the emoji keyboard. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should be able to see the emojis. 

2. You’ll see that the emojis are divided into various categories, namely, smileys and animals, celebrities and objects, food and plants, people, and transportation and places. Pick which one you want to use in your comment. 

3. Click the emoji you want to insert in the YouTube video directly.


For Mac Users

Screenshot from How To Type Emojis On Mac YouTube tutorial

Photo from Javier Mercedes YouTube

Mac users have access to a large number of emojis without difficulty, and can easily add emojis to YouTube comments. The following steps will unpack the process: 

1. Choose the emoji you want to include in the comments section. Once you get what you need, navigate to your YouTube comment, and ctrl-click your mouse. Click on “paste” to add the smiley to your comments.

2. You can use your keyboard to do that, too. Select the emoji and press “Command,” and “C.” Now, press “Command,” and “V” to paste the emoji into your YouTube comment. Your emoji has been added to the comments on YouTube.

3. A MacOS feature many users haven’t quite discovered yet, is the built-in emoji palette. To access this, simply press Command-Control-Space, and an emoji palette should appear right where you were typing. You can now include any emoji in your comment by double-clicking on it! 

4. If you’d like to access more than just the standard emoji, go to the top right corner of the emoji palette. Tap on the command symbol to bring up an expanded version of the tool, You’ll see special characters and symbols, ranging from Math symbols to Latin characters, and even pictographs. 

5. Drag and drop the symbols to the comment box after you’ve expanded the tool. This also serves as a good backup if your emoji palette isn’t working properly.


Adding YouTube Emojis To YouTube Titles And Descriptions 

Screenshot of video title and description with emoji

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Did you know you can also add YouTube emojis to YouTube video titles and descriptions? This will definitely make your video look more innovative. Plus, it’s super easy to do! 

1. Access any list of YouTube emojis and select the one you like. 

2. Copy the emoji with your mouse and paste it directly into the YouTube titles and description box. 

3. Another way to do it would be to press Ctrl” + “C” for Windows and “Command” + “C” for Mac to copy your emoji.

4. Lastly, go to the title or description. Press the Ctrl followed by the V key for Windows, or the Command key plus V key for Mac to paste the emoji.

Or simply use the in-built emoji keyboards on your computer, like what we’ve shown you in the previous section!


Debunking The Biggest YouTube Emoji Rumor

Terrified gamer playing games on the computer

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If you are an influencer, or use YouTube for business, you might have heard time and again that using emojis in YouTube video titles or comments brings down the number of views of your channel.

You’ll be glad to know, this is not the case. Emojis have no negative consequences on YouTube. On the contrary, you’ll be able to attract more viewers and even improve YouTube SEO, when you use YouTube emojis.

Emojis appear in Google search results, and data shows sometimes they rank better than certain words! On a separate note, since millennials and Gen Z-ers use emojis more frequently than any of the other age groups, inserting YouTube emojis in titles, comments, and live stream sessions will help your YouTube channel appeal to a younger demographic and gain more clicks.


Benefits Of Livestreaming On YouTube 

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Earlier, we talked about how YouTube is ahead of the game when it comes to live streaming, thanks in part to its wide range of features and capabilities. What happens is, people gravitate to those, and use them to build their online communities. Earlier, we talked about one such feature, YouTube emojis. Why don’t we briefly go over the others: 


In order to earn money from YouTube live streams, you need to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). However, to earn the coveted partner status, you must meet the platform’s minimum eligibility requirements—you need to have over 1,000 subscribers, and 4,000 public watch hours over the past year.

Once you’re in the program, you can start getting revenue from ads automatically integrated into your videos. You won’t be able to bring home all of it, though, with this type of monetization, YouTube will give you only 55% of the profit.

No Fees

YouTube allows content creators to join, publish videos, and go live for free. You can create content while saving time and money. Isn’t that great? In addition, unlike posted videos and other content, live streaming requires no editing and repetition to make a video perfect. Simply show up, press the record button, and do your thing!

Better Reach

Want to increase your online visibility? Livestream first. publish videos after. Live streaming allows users to reach a larger number of people. This is because live videos rank much higher in search results than pre-recorded videos. The higher a video ranks in search results, the more views it receives. When live videos begin to appear in searches, particularly top searches, your viewership increases, allowing your channel to grow even stronger.

Practical And Convenient 

YouTube is the best live video streaming platform because there is no need for an elaborate production or a lot of equipment. You can easily go live anywhere with just a smartphone and decent Internet service. Most mobile phones come with cameras that allow you to create a high-quality video wherever you are.


Making Your Livestreams Stand Out

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In today’s Internet-driven world, every business needs must take steps to establish a strong online presence. Live streaming is one way to do that. As a matter of fact, live streaming has found its uses in almost every other sector: marketing, businesses, education, etc. In fact, people have built online circles and groups with their live streaming strategies.

Livestreaming As A Newbie 

Don’t worry if your streams don’t go as smoothly as you’d like at the start. Part of the excitement of live video is you never know what’s going to happen. The unpolished, organic nature of a live video is exactly what makes it compelling.

It’s not enough to just learn how to live stream, though. Over 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, hence, you need to stand out, you need to do everything you can to make sure your video content reaches people from all four corners of the globe.

But there’s still the language barrier, right? True, but that’s where you’ll need emojis. Emojis are quickly becoming the first truly global language. A smiley face in the UK is the same in Spain, Russia, Germany, and beyond! By including an emoji in your YouTube comments, live streams, titles, etc you’ll be communicating to people from all over the world immediately!



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It’s important to remember that growing a YouTube audience isn’t something that happens by chance. And, yes, it can feel like a grind if your market is crowded with competitors. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a variety of promotional tools (like YouTube emojis) on hand. Although it may require more effort it will help you get more eyes on your channel and, as a result, more subscribers.